The company BonDiamant was established in 2003, although its history dates back to 1970. This was the year when the Cohen brothers—in other words, my father and his two brothers—entered the wonderful world of the precious stones known as diamonds. This is where it all began. They started off as stone cutters at some of the many diamond factories located in Ramat Gan, currently the site of the world’s largest diamond exchange.

Ten years later, my father became the manager of the largest diamond factory in the Mediterranean, in charge of 300 specialist cutters. With this experience behind him, my father introduced me to the world of diamonds in 1993, teaching me up to the detail, every operation, essentially, everything that a diamond specialist should know. Since then, diamonds have been a key part of my life.

Steeped in this culture and having majored in business management, I was encouraged to set up my own company, which I initially founded together with Avraham Mashiah in Barcelona in 2003. Today, me/I Nir Cohen is  the sole member and owner of the company.

Today, BonDiamant has positioned itself in the market as a leading specialist in the diamond trade of Excellent-make diamonds. We define ourselves as one of the main diamond distributors, and our dealings with multinational companies, which have very strict requirements in terms of service and product, have also led us to specialise in top-quality cut diamonds.