misión, visión y valores
Mission statement, goals and values

Mission statement: To offer a personal, exclusive service to each one of our customers, seeking to fulfil their different requirements. Additionally, to provide customers with direct specialist advice, in order to transmit our commitment and our transparency. To provide an efficient service in the search for rare diamond varieties that are difficult to find.To ensure that every customer has all the necessary information for streamlined, straightforward, timely communication, thereby achieving better understanding between the parties.

Goals: To consolidate and grow as a leading industry player, transmitting our values to the market, and to reach a larger number of potential national and international customers.

Values: We take pride in our transparency, proximity, personalised service and personal contact with our customers, as well as our ability to access any product, this industry’s culture, our experience in the field, and our commitment to our customers and suppliers. We also define ourselves by our partnership with our suppliers and customers, as well as by the assistance we offer designers and craft workers, boosting their innovative skills and helping them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the industry.