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Certificates and responsibilities

We deal exclusively with products from Sightholder companies. This guarantees that each and every one of the products we deliver to our customers is controlled through the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Process is a process for controlling diamond mines around the world. It stems the flow of diamonds from mines classified as illegal. These illegal mines are the source of so-called blood diamonds or conflict diamonds which, as the name indicates, come from conflict areas or may help fund terrorist organisations.

BonDiamant is committed to strict regulation and certification of its diamonds, since corporate social responsibility is one of our most important values.

We firmly believe that the source of the diamond is a major factor at the time of purchase. This is why we limit ourselves to our customers and we are determined to ensure that access to these products is clean and correct.

We believe that products from conflict areas can lead to greater conflicts in the future. Therefore, we offer sincere responsibility and controlled purchases, because in our minds the needs and satisfaction of the customer come first.

Moreover, we are currently members of the Jewellers’ Association of Catalonia (JORGC). This was the first Association in this industry to be set up as an international public corporate body, when it was incorporated in October 2002. This model is seen nationwide as a leading, pioneering model for other Spanish regions. Furthermore, we keep up to date with the industry, following all new developments and positioning ourselves as a company that is constantly evolving.